Be kind & truthful and life will be fruitful.

I guess an important aspect of this blog is transparency. Through transparency, I will  allow myself to feel my emotions and think my thoughts without trying to understand or fix them. So to open myself up to the idea of transparency, I have included links to content I’ve created to show who I really am below.

But, to go a little deeper than my social media and online presence, here are a few things that I find make my life fruitful:

  • Create a dream board (which I will eventually post on this site)
  • Live and let go of regrets
  • Step outside of your comfort zone to face your fears
  • Experience the joy of learning new things
  • Explore every opportunity whether it seems dull or exciting
  • Prioritize goals and ambitions
  • Look at the glass half full

Personal Creative Content:

My Life In Pictures

Here is my VSCO account which I update with ~fun and exciting~ things I do! (lol kind of)

My First Online Writing Experience

Freshman year of college I decided to write for an emerging blog site The Odyssey. I wrote on various topics such as my experiences in college to cultural events. (I hope you can see that my skills have developed since!)

My Multimedia Storytelling Project

This project consisted of writing an article and creating, producing, and executing a video to feature something I found interesting or newsworthy. I have worked for this frozen yogurt company and acknowledge how much work and effort my boss puts into the business. She was celebrating 5 years of making it as a small, local business, so I decided to highlight the shop’s successes.

My Multimedia Storytelling Class Final

For the same class as mentioned above, I had to create many aspects of a multimedia story to showcase a topic prevalent to current events. I decided to focus my final project around the importance of famers in America. I created the video linked above, a photo slideshow, a feature story, and an info-graph to showcase data I researched.

I hope you enjoy some of the content I have created!