20 years old, I am in the prime phase of defining who I am. In the past few years, I have grown into a much stronger and more confident person because I began challenging myself. This blog is another way in which I am broadening my horizons and showing my more vibrant side.

To further open myself up, here are a few Q&As to learn a little bit more about me:

Winter, spring, summer or fall?

As far as fashion and wardrobe, definitely fall. Oversized sweaters, scarves, and boots consume my closet. But otherwise it is undeniably summer. Sunshine, smoothies, and bonfires…enough said.

Quirkiest habit?

Writing my name over and over in different handwriting styles

Hour of the day you’re most productive?

As weird as it sounds, I get most done around dinner time. Using late afternoon as either a mental or physical break, I find myself tackling all responsibilities later in the day.

Favorite type of cuisine?

Chinese or Mexican.

Dream career path?

Being a double major in Journalism and Enterprise Leadership with a Certificate in Event Planning, I hope to be involved in many different types of industries throughout my life. The goal is to work for a PR/marketing/advertising agency and on the side plan corporate events.


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